Friday, September 26, 2008

Xie Kwun Shan

Xie Kwun Shan is a famous mouth-painter in Taiwan and China. He is most known for his teachings of courage and to think of what you own instead of what you don't. He has also published a book, I am Xie Kwun Shan, and has been read by many leading Taiwanese politicians and celebrities. He is currently in his 50s.

Early life

Xie was born in Taipei to a poor family. He attended primary and half of secondary school. He left school at the age of 16 to work for money. He began to work as an intern in a factory but months later, he went to the hospital due to a serious electric shock.


He had to live in the hospital for a long time, so he decided to paint. Because in the shock, he lost both his arms, one eye, and one leg, he can only use his mouth to paint. According to his book, his mouth would be in pain for 300 days each year. He also mentioned that it's too early to give up. He tried several paintings and the doctors appreciated them. He decided to contact an agenct and ask him to help him sell his paintings.

In the next few years, he painted more than a hundred paintings and were bought by many famous people. He also won many awards for his works of art.

Personal life

Xie has two female children and one wife. They currently live in Taiwan and his children are normal along with his wife.

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