Friday, September 26, 2008

Jhy Cheng Wu

Jhy Cheng Wu is a Taiwanese artist currently working and living in Lyon, France. He creates figure paintings in the fusion of Impressionist and Expressionist styles and renders different of ordinary and well-known people.

Face is Cheng Wu’s main subject and is used as a symbol of the human totem to express the personality of a character. By applying swift, sometimes even rough, brush strokes onto a canvas Cheng Wu depicts an image of face in a figurative sense.

Since 1989, Cheng Wu started creating large-scale oil paintings usually 79"x59", portraying a wide variety of subjects ranging from his family members and acquaintances to strangers and world-known celebrities.

Cheng Wu received his early art education with Li Shiqiao. Inspired and encouraged by Li, Cheng Wu left for France in 1988 and graduated with Superior Diploma of Studio Art in 1994 from the National Fine Art School of Lyon . Having won many awards and prizes worldwide, Cheng Wu has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in France, the United States, and Taiwan.

His prizes include the Laureate of Initials from the Fine Art House of Rhone-Aples Region and the Grand prize at the Geneva International Contemporary Art Competition.

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