Friday, September 26, 2008

Judy Ongg

Judy Ongg is an actress, singer, author and woodblock-print artist from Taiwan. Born in Taipei, she graduated from Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, and after that, she changed her nationality into Japanese. Her career has spanned more than four decades.

Judy made her film debut in the 1961 Japan- production, ''The Big Wave'', based on the Pearl S. Buck novel.

She enjoyed great popularity in Chinese-speaking countries, and won the Best Actress honor at the ninth Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. She later won the Special Prize at the 19th Asia Film Festival. She has recorded for Columbia Records, CBS Sony and Toshiba EMI. Her 1979 hit ''Miserarete'' sold two million copies. Ongg has had at least one song appear on the NHK program ''Minna no Uta'', and has appeared on the New Year's Eve spectacular KĊhaku Uta Gassen with songs 'Miserarete' in 1979 and 'Reika no Yume' in 1980. One of her most popular songs is "The Story of O-Shin", the Cantonese opening song for the hit drama, "Oshin". This song pushed her popularity among many fans of the series in Hong Kong. Judy wasn't fluent in Cantonese, therefore, her accented Cantonese made the song very catchy.

In television, Judy took roles in contemporary dramas and ''jidaigeki'', including ''Edo o Kiru''. She has also appeared in several stage productions. Judy was offered the role of Mariko in the television miniseries '''', but declined the part. It was eventually played by Yoko Shimada.

In 1999, Judy organized and produced the "Heart Aid" charity concert at the Tokyo International Forum to raise money for survivors of the Chi-Chi earthquake in Taiwan.

Her film credits run to 9 titles; television dramas, 31; variety, 11; radio, 2; commercials, 7. Her music credits include over 40 singles and albums. Judy has written five books. Her prints have received numerous awards.

TV Series

* Tweeny Witches
* Kaseifu ha mita! 19
* Storm Riders
* Spirit Chaser Aisha
* The Big Wave


* ''''
* ''Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust''
* ''''
* ''Tanba Tetsuro no daireikai shindara odoroita!!''
* ''Robby the Rascal''
* ''Zu Mountain: New Legend of the Zu Mountain Swordsmen''
* ''Oiroke komikku''
* ''Flying Phantom Ship''
* ''Cyborg 009: Underground Duel''
* ''Cyborg 009''

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